From Global Traveler: Learn Local Slang with Lingo Cards

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From Global Traveler: Learn Local Slang with Lingo Cards

Have you found yourself at a café in Paris, struggling to remember pronouns and sentence structure from your freshman French class so you can order your croissant and coffee without accidentally asking for a purple horse? We’ve been there, too. There are a number of excellent app and online language courses to coach you and refresh your skills, but Lingo Playing Cards is a new and fun way to stay on top of things.

Lingo French Playing Cards

Decks come in colorful Wayfarer Tin travel cases in the world’s most popular languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Greek. To augment your language skills and help you sound like a local, Lingo offers additional decks featuring Aussie, Kiwi, American and British slang expressions — plus a Millennial Slang option with phrases popular with the Millennial generation. Cards are printed with common travel phrases, and each word or phrase is accompanied by an easy-to-understand phonetic pronunciation. 

The Met x Lingo Playing Cards

Lingo also produces a line of playing cards featuring selections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, available in nine separate styles with 52 works from the Met and accompanying trivia. Styles include Portraits, Armor, Masks, Met Icons, Botanicals, Animals and others.

Spanish Lingo Playing Cards

Lingo’s collections are made in the United States by the United States Playing Card Company located in Erlanger, Kentucky, which has been producing playing cards for 140 years for familiar brands like Bicycle, Bee and Tally Ho.


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