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From Vocal Media: Get Back To School With Lingo Cards

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From Vocal Media: Get Back To School With Lingo Cards

The School bell is ringing, and it's back to school time! Whether you are studying abroad this year or taking high school Spanish 101, the makers of Lingo Playing Cards can help you have an ace up your sleeve.

Well, quite literally.

What Are Lingo Cards?

Lingo Playing Cards are fine premium quality, unique-themed playing cards in your choice of Spanish, Mandarin, Greek, German, Italian, and more from around the world. They offer a fun and easy way to learn a new language while playing some of your favorite card games. Each deck of cards features the famous four suits in this 52 playing cards deck, including 2 Jokers. Yes, these are actually a playing card deck!

They also offer a collection of card decks featuring Aussie, American, Kiwi, and British Slang expressions. Plus, a Millennial Slang version for those having trouble getting on the level of their Millennial-aged kids!

French Playing Card


You can seriously play a game of Solitaire while learning a new language simultaneously. Lingo Cards are a fun, unique way to learn a new language on the go. These cards are ideal for returning to school if you are taking a foreign language class this year or traveling for business or leisure.

The cards are beautifully crafted, with sturdy card stock material guaranteeing these cards will last you a long time. They are made with a thicker card stock than most playing decks, yet they are still flexible. They come in a plain box version or tin box version. I received the tin box version, and I love it as it acts as an excellent protective carrying case that fits nicely in your purse or backpack.

Each card has the English phrase first, then the foreign language phrase (I chose Swedish), and how to pronounce it underneath. My boys and I played a game of Slap Jack, but with a twist. Instead of just slapping the jack card, we also had to call out the Swedish phrase that was tagged with it. I won calling out Jattecott! Which means delicious in Swedish.

Japanese Playing Cards
We created another game called 'The Flashcard Flash Game' using them as flashcards. One person says the Swedish phrase (God Morgon) the other player has to translate (Good Morning). You can create many fun game ideas with Lingo Playing Cards that you can not do with a standard deck of cards. So, if you are looking for a new deck of playing cards, get a two-for-one with Lingo Playing Cards and learn a new language all in one!

These cards make the perfect gift for your college student studying abroad in France. For your high school student who wants to take a foreign language as an elective. Give them an edge up with a set of Lingo Playing Cards. Not going to school and just wanting to learn a new language for fun? Lingo Playing Cards are it!