Lingo Joins the Prestigious Museum Store Association, Solidifying its Position as Must-Have, On-Trend Gift Item

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Lingo Italian Playing Cards

Lingo Cards, a leading global brand of playing cards, has joined the Museum Store Association (MSA). 

Offering fun, educational, and premium-quality toy products, Lingo, a leading global brand of playing cards, has joined the prestigious Museum Store Association (MSA), solidifying its position in the market as a brand providing must-have and on-trend gift items to the museum industry. MSA is an international organization with the mission of advancing the nonprofit retail industry, its museum stores, and the success of the professionals engaged in it. It advocates for and encourages high standards of curated products, knowledge, and professionalism, helping museum stores and their nonprofit retail professionals better serve their institutions and the public.

Enhancing Museum Experience Through Fun, Educational Products

By being a member of MSA, Lingo helps create a fun, enjoyable, and memorable experience for every museum visitor. Lingo’s uniquely-themed, premium quality playing cards featuring the world’s most popular foreign languages and slang are must-have gift items and souvenirs. They are perfect for globetrotters and travelers, and are a nice present to those who want to learn a second language. Lingo playing cards are also a great gift for kids, as they help promote learning through play. 

Supporting Local Cultural Institutions 

As a member of MSA, Lingo helps contribute to the promotion of different local cultural institutions like museums, which have been heavily affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic. With its fun, unique, and high-quality playing card decks, Lingo boosts the product range of inspiring, creative, and educational gifts offered by museum stores--whether in-store or online or both!

Connecting Directly with Buyers & Networking with the Community

Joining MSA gives Lingo an opportunity to connect directly with its buyers through community discussions, allowing it to provide prompt product solutions for maximum engagement with museum visitors. It also provides many great opportunities for networking by creating and maintaining a culture that promotes inclusion, collaboration, technology and innovation. This helps Lingo further strengthen its brand and better establish its position as a leading playing card brand in the market.

About Lingo Cards

Lingo Cards is a leading global brand of playing cards. Founded in 2014 through a Kickstarter campaign by a free-spirited traveler, it has now grown into a global brand of fun and beautifully-designed travel products that are played and loved all over the world. Headquartered in Abbey, City of Busselton, Western Australia, the Lingo Cards brand offers uniquely-themed, premium quality playing cards with the world’s most popular foreign languages and slang. Featuring most commonly-used phrases essential for travel accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, the cards offer a fun and easy way to learn a new language. 

Play cards, pick-up a language with Lingo Cards!