The Met x Lingo Playing Cards Collection Offers Fun, Easy Way to Learn Art

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The Met x Lingo Playing Cards Collection Offers Fun, Easy Way to Learn Art

Lingo, a leading brand of playing cards, is offering families and card enthusiasts a fun and easy way to discover and learn art with The Met x Lingo, a collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art that boasts an impressive line of card decks featuring The Met’s most compelling art exhibits. 

Bringing Art to Life

The first of its kind, The Met x Lingo collection brings to life renowned works of art from The Met’s most enthralling exhibits. The collection boasts 9 series of card decks, letting players discover the museum’s finest and most amazing art pieces--all while playing their favorite card game!

Met x Lingo - Collect them all!

Take a peek at The Met’s comprehensive Arts of Asia exhibits with the Arts of Asia card deck or be fascinated by the museum’s amazing animal art collection with the Animals series. Discover The Met’s most aesthetically pleasing botanical art pieces through the Botanical deck or have a feast for the eyes while playing the Nudes playing card series. Other amazing decks in the collection include Portraits, Nudes, Met Icons, Sculptures, and Masks. 

A Fun way to Discover the Met’s collection!

The Met x Lingo Collection introduces a fun and easy, yet very powerful way to teach and learn art. The card decks enable adult and children players alike to discover and learn about The Met’s most compelling art exhibits. Each card in the collection features a work of art in high definition, complete with the name of its artist, and the culture and time period when it was made, which makes for easy art learning!

The Met x Lingo - Arts of Asia Playing Cards

The collection also allows players to travel through different art cultures and dive deep into the world of renowned artists, from Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh; American painter, craftsman, decorator, and designer Louis C. Tiffany; to Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker Katsushika Hokusai. 

Helping players develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the world’s most famous works of art, The Met x Lingo playing cards offer an enjoyable way to empower connections to art across cultures and time.

Play your way into discovering art with The Met x Lingo!