Ventana Surfing in Quirigua, Guatemala: A Unique Adventure Amidst Ancient Mayan Marvels

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Ventana Surfing in Quirigua, Guatemala: A Unique Adventure Amidst Ancient Mayan Marvels

Discover the Art of "Ventana Surfing" in Quirigua, Guatemala

What is the Activity? Ventana Surfing
Where is it located? Quirigua, Guatemala
How to get there? Fly into La Aurora International Airport (GUA), Guatemala City. Take a bus or rent a car for the approximately 5-hour drive to Quirigua.
Where to stay?

  • Low range: Hostel Candelaria
  • Mid range: Casa Nostra
  • High range: Hotel Palacio Maya

What to bring? Comfortable clothing, sunscreen, water, a camera, and a spirit for adventure.
Did you know? Quirigua is famous for its well-preserved Maya stelae and zoomorphs.
Lingo deck: Spanish Wayfarer Tin

Discover the heart of ancient Mayan civilization with a twist! Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes of Guatemala while participating in the exhilarating activity of "Ventana Surfing." This unique adventure takes you atop a makeshift wooden board, gliding across the vast, open windows of Quirigua's ancient structures. It's a blend of cultural appreciation, adventure, and pure fun that taps into the timeless spirit of exploration.

Quirigua, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is not just a place for historical admiration but also the birthplace of "Ventana Surfing." Created by adventurous souls captivated by the architectural marvels of the Mayan ruins, this activity offers a new way to connect with history. Unlike traditional surfing, here you're riding the winds of time, balancing on wooden planks specially crafted by local artisans. These boards, resembling ancient Mayan artifacts, are designed to glide smoothly across stone-laid paths, offering both a thrilling and enlightening experience.

As you prepare for this journey, embrace the essence of Guatemalan culture. Start your adventure by acquainting yourself with the local language and customs through the Spanish Wayfarer Tin, ensuring a rich and engaging experience.

The journey to Quirigua takes you through the heart of Guatemala, offering glimpses of the country's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted by guides well-versed not only in "Ventana Surfing" but also in the mythologies carved into the very stones you'll glide over. Each glide offers not just adrenaline but a passage through time, where each stela and zoomorph tells tales of ancient Mayan civilization.

For accommodations, Quirigua offers a range of options, from the cozy and comfortable Hostel Candelaria to the luxurious Hotel Palacio Maya. Regardless of your choice, you'll find warmth and hospitality that's characteristic of Guatemalan culture.

This activity is perfect for those seeking an adventure beyond the mainstream; it's an experience that combines the thrill of exploration with the profound impact of cultural immersion. Join the ranks of the few who can say they've surfed the windows of time in Quirigua, and carry home memories that are as unique as they are unforgettable.