Lingo Playing Cards

Lingo Cards is a leading global brand of playing cards. Founded in 2014 through a Kickstarter campaign by a free-spirited traveler, we have now grown into a global brand of fun and beautifully-designed travel products that are played and loved all over the world. 

Headquartered in Abbey, Western Australia, the Lingo Cards brand offers uniquely-themed, premium quality playing cards with the world’s most popular languages and slangs. Featuring most commonly-used phrases essential for travel accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, our playing cards offer a fun and easy way to learn a new language. 


The Lingo Story

The Lingo Cards concept of using the fun and excitement of playing card games to pick-up some language phrases traces its roots back to a 2012 Central American backpacking surf trip. Our founder had a ‘light bulb’ moment to migrate hand-picked Spanish phrases from a battered notebook onto the cards played every afternoon over sunset cervezas. 

When playing cards resulted in picking up some extra Spanish, we knew this idea was too good not to share. 

With a DIY approach, Lingo Cards was bootstrapped from an idea in El Salvador into a globally-recognised brand of quality playing cards and other travel products, sold and played all around the world. 


Learn the World’s Most Popular Languages

Our product range features a collection of playing cards with the world’s most popular languages. From Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, Mandarin, Māori, Indonesian, Greek, German, to Russian, choose a language of your choice and start playing your way into learning a new language. 

To help travelers immerse themselves in the culture they are exploring, we also offer a collection of card decks featuring Aussie, American, Kiwi, and British Slang expressions. Plus, a Millennial Slang version is also available for those having trouble getting on the level of their Millennial-aged kids!


Beautifully-Designed, Premium Quality Playing Cards

All Lingo Cards decks are beautifully-designed and evoke unique themes and vibes. Each deck, which contains four suits of 52 playing cards and two Jokers, is made from only premium quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The cards also come in colorful and durable Wayfarer Tin travel cases for easy carry when travelling!

Play cards, pick-up a language with Lingo Cards!