Embark on a Meaningful Adventure: Volunteering at Bolivia's Ambue Ari Wildlife Sanctuary

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Embark on a Meaningful Adventure: Volunteering at Bolivia's Ambue Ari Wildlife Sanctuary

Activity: Volunteering at a Wildlife Sanctuary in Bolivia

Location: Ambue Ari, Bolivia

How to get there: Fly into Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. From Santa Cruz, take a bus or arrange a private transfer to Ambue Ari, which is approximately 5-6 hours away.

Where to stay:

  • Low Range: Santa Cruz Backpacker's Hostel
  • Mid Range: Hotel Tropical Inn, Santa Cruz
  • High Range: Los Tajibos Hotel & Convention Center, Santa Cruz

What to bring?: Insect repellent, sturdy hiking boots, lightweight and breathable clothing, sun protection, and a camera.

Did you know?: Bolivia is home to over 2,900 animal species, including several endangered species that some sanctuaries work to protect.

Lingo deck: Spanish Wayfarer Tin

Trip Summary

In an age where unique travel experiences are more sought after than ever, volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Bolivia presents an unparalleled opportunity. Hidden in the heart of Bolivia's lush forests, the Ambue Ari Sanctuary demands your attention, not just for the adventure it promises but for the cause it champions. Combining the thrill of close encounters with exotic wildlife and the fulfillment of contributing to their conservation, this adventure is for those looking to make their travels meaningful.

Setting foot in Santa Cruz, the gateway to Bolivia's natural wonders, prepares you for the captivating journey ahead. The road from Santa Cruz to Ambue Ari teases with previews of the country's diverse landscapes. Upon arrival, the sanctuary immerses you into a world where the lines between humans and nature blur. From feeding and caring for rescued animals to maintaining their habitats, the days are fulfilling and structured, yet every moment is unpredictable – the essence of adventure.

For those planning this extraordinary adventure, the Spanish Wayfarer Tin becomes an invaluable companion. Immersing yourself in Bolivia's culture through its language enriches your experience, allowing deeper connections with the local team and a fuller understanding of the sanctuary's mission.

This journey is not just about the time spent within the sanctuary's bounds; it's about the transformative impact on both the volunteers and the animals cared for. It’s an adventure that stitches itself into the fabric of your life, altering perspectives and instilling a profound appreciation for the natural world.

Embark on this journey prepared. Essentials include gear for tropical weather, protective clothing, and an open heart ready for adventure. While enriching your life with unparalleled experiences, you also contribute to a cause greater than oneself – the conservation of Bolivia's majestic wildlife.